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Don’t Be Limited by The Conventional Approach

These are the most common mistakes made by many churches and organizations when it comes to their creative content.

I'll Do It Myself

The problem is you won’t… at least not to the capacity and with the effectiveness needed to really make a difference. Most DIY pastors or solopreneurs have the greatest of intentions but ultimately don’t have the time or skillset to do it right.

I'll Hire a Full-Time Pro

Have you seen the going rates of a full-time designer or creative? You could be looking at a $70,000+ addition to your annual payroll. You could do it “on the cheap” and hire someone not truly qualified for the position, but of course, you get what you pay for.

I'll have my assistant do it

But are they qualified? Do they have the skillset and proficiency to use pro-level design and editing software? As they “learn on the job,” it will take them hours to produce something that a true pro could create in minutes. Not to mention, the end product will almost always lack the quality you’re looking for.

I don't really need it

This mindset takes hold when the realization sets in that these other approaches just aren’t working. So then you convince yourself that you’ll be fine without it. But we don’t have to convince you that in today’s society, excellent design and video content are a must to effectively engage others.

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Communicating your message effectively is crucial to making an impact on your community. With our team working for you, we will improve your visual identity, optimize your marketing, and use visual and digital content to reach more people and fulfill your mission. Are you ready to make a greater impact? Start your free trial today!

Since partnering with CreativeTeamPro, all of my creative media – sermon graphics, video content, and my weekly podcast – have been taken to the next level! It's nice to have the peace of mind that all the visual and digital content needed for my ministry is handled so that I can focus on pastoring and developing leaders.

Bryan Samms

Pastor/Podcast Host

Working with Our Team Is Super Simple

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Choose 1 or more of our 3 core services – Unlimited Web/Graphic Design, Weekly Podcast Production, and Monthly Video Content

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Once you and your creative director discuss and determine your priorities, we begin designing, editing, producing, and delivering high-quality content.

A Deeper Dive Into Our Services

Learn more about our 3 core creative services that include graphic and web design as well as video and podcast production


Unlimited Graphic and Web Design

Limitless requests and revisions for any design you need.


  • Event promo graphics
  • Website and landing pages
  • Logos and branding
  • Sermon series graphics
  • Social media designs
  • Print layouts and artwork

*2-4 day average turnaround

*Includes website support + hosting

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Weekly Podcast Production

We produce up to 1 audio episode or sermon per week


  • Audio files processed, mixed, and optimized for podcast listening
  • Professionally produced episode intro including voice-over and background music
  • Schedule remote recording sessions so that our team can help your produce your podcast content
  • Episodes published and distributed to Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google, and other listening platforms

*2-5 day average production turnaround 

* Includes initial design of podcast cover artwork 

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Monthly Video Content

We deliver a package of custom edited videos each month


  • Social media reels, sermon clips, announcement videos, event highlights, and more
  • Regular calls and meetings to collaborate about the video content you want to be produced and delivered in the coming month
  • Schedule remote recording sessions so that our team can help you produce your video content

*5-10 minutes of monthly edited video content delivered on average

*On-location production available for a one-time cost

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